Tiselius symposium Aug 28 2019


Biochemistry has a long and outstanding history in Sweden. It has transformed both industry and basic research since its emergence, and is at the focal point of Life Sciences today. Nobel Laureate Arne Tiselius played a central role in the development of biochemistry in Sweden and internationally. To carry on his legacy and reinforce the Swedish biochemistry community we will organise a Tiselius symposium that brings together world leading international biochemists and Swedish biochemists.

Confirmed speakers

  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Changeux (France)
  • Prof. Shoshana Wodak (Belgium)
  • Dr. Anna Tunlid (Sweden)
  • Dr. Mikhail Savitski (Germany)
  • Prof. Helen Walden (UK)
  • Prof. Alexey Amunts (Sweden)
  • Prof. Anna Rising (Sweden)

A programme can be found under the blog. 


The Tiselius symposium will be held in the Humanities Theatre (see image above), located in the English Park Campus, Uppsala, Sweden. See this map for directions.

Important dates

  • Abstracts (15 min oral presentations): Closed
  • Abstracts (poster presentations): Closed
  • Registration (free): Closed
  • If you are interested in attending the meeting please contact ylva.ivarsson[at]kemi.uu.se.

Organizing committee

Helena Danielson, Doreen Dobritzsch, Ylva Ivarsson, Gunnar Johansson, Lynn Kamerlin, Erik Marklund & Mikael Widersten

The Biochemistry programme, Department of Chemistry – BMC, Uppsala University (https://www.kemi.uu.se/research/biochemistry/)